Friday, April 25, 2014

A LOT of Catch up......

Holy cow.... it has been way to long. A lot has happened over the past couple of months. Good and bad. We had a crazy busy Christmas. We got the keys to our new and first house on Christmas Eve and moved in 2 days later. We spent our whole break moving, unpacking, decorating.... and not relaxing or sleeping :) But we love it so much!! Then a month later at the end of January, my sweet brother-in-law suddenly passed away of a heart attack. It was the worst thing that could have happened. It was and has been incredibly hard for everyone, especially my amazing sister and her 3 young kids. She is strong and beautiful and I love her so very much.But life is moving on and things are getting better....
My little baby turned 1 (NO!!), Rex is coaching track, we are busy with school activities, church, yard work, birthdays and enjoying anytime that we can to hang out with family and friends. Here are just a few pictures of the past couple of months.... Enjoy!

                      All dressed up in Christmas church clothes.....told you these were old :)
We bought our first house! AHH! We love it so much! I can't believe it!
                           Eleanor is just too cute to not take tons of pictures of :) Macey too :)
Olivia turned 3! Of course we had to have a Frozen party.
 All my girls love Frozen and we are always listening to the soundtrack on full blast around here. So she got books and dolls to go along with the theme :)
                                                                   Her favorite doll.
Annie ran in her jog-a-thon this year again and did great!! 12 laps in 30 minutes and Macey ran the last 4 with her.
Easter pictures!! Eleanor wouldn't sit or stand still after church and was in need of a nap so she got to skip out on the individual shots.... Sweet Olivia
Pretty Macey
Pretty Annie. They all had braids that wrapped around the back of their head and ended up in a bun. SO cute!!
Our family photo! I love it! Even if baby is chewing on a plastic carrot, I'll take it! I love Easter and the remembrance of our Savior and his loving sacrifice for us. I love that my kids are learning and understanding about this amazing day and how it makes me want to be a better person and show my love and appreciation for my Savior even more.
ok, all caught up!


amydear said...

Your Frozen cake is so great! Beautiful. I miss spending birthdays together.

Chante' said...

Love, love your update! So good to see your beautiful, sweet family. Love and miss you! xo